After 13 years in business I regret to inform you that Vander Kooi Mediation, Inc. is closing in October, 2016, due to my retirement.

I am no longer accepting new cases.

Carol Vander Kooi

Qualified neutral under Rule 114

Vander Kooi Mediation, Inc.


Located in Buffalo, Minnesota, (Wright County),

Vander Kooi Mediation, Inc. Provides The Following Family Court Mediation/Arbitration Services:


Divorce and Custody Mediation

             Mediation is a process that is very useful to families in transition.  It allows parents to discuss parenting and financial issues in a cooperative setting instead of a competitive one.  You can make decisions about your future and your child's future in a process that focuses on everyone's needs and your child's best interests.  Learn more about the benefits of mediation.


Parenting Time Expeditor or Parenting Consultant

             Parents may have difficulties with parenting time (visitation).  They can use the services of a parenting time expeditor or parenting consultant to assist them to look at the disputes and resolve them.  The expeditor or consultant will make the decision if the parents are unable to reach an agreement.  This process saves money and is less stressful on parents and children than a return to court.


Custody and Parenting Time Evaluations

             When other options are not appropriate, parents may need custody evaluation or parenting time evaluation services.


Services provided for the following counties:  Anoka, Benton, Hennepin, McLeod, Pine, Ramsey, Sherburne, Stearns, Wright.








Carol Vander Kooi

Qualified neutral under Rule 114, in all family areas,  providing mediation, parenting time expeditor and parenting consultant services.  Extensive experience in family and juvenile court, making recommendations and assisting in settlements in hundreds of contested family court cases.


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